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Sound Design and Music

about us

Movix Productions was created by Jason Carey to facilitate creative expression from stage to screen and even deep space itself. We specialize in music, sound design, mixing, and mastering across multiple mediums. We believe in developing innovative new ideas and illuminating those who listen.





Sound Design

Sound can evoke an emotion, take you to a specific place, or help tell a story. Utah road trip, inside an F5 tornado, whale songs deep in the ocean, or what a Pulsar sounds like light years away. Utilizing top shelf sound libraries combined with custom instrumentation, and field recordings, we help filmmakers, artists, and game designers tell their story.

Music and Scoring

Music is the carrier wave of emotion. We combine the perfect original melody, style, and timing for your project. 

Mixing and Mastering

It goes way beyond the blend. We can guide you through the process so your tracks will convey your vision all the way to your chosen format. Contact us with your needs, time frame, and if you are an independent artist, or signed to a label. 

Restoration and Other Services

Audio restoration services are available. Through our wide reaching network of colleagues, we can refer you to Dolby ATMOS mixers, copy editors, graphic designers, film producers, and more.

Our room is optimized for audio and MIDI production primarily for solo artists. We utilize musical instruments from KORG, Roli, Native Instruments, Yamaha, PRS, Schecter, and custom work from luthier Brendon Day. Primary DAW environments are Pro Tools® Ultimate and Logic Pro X with DSD512 and PCM playback up to 768 kHz. Also featuring hardware from Neumann, Quad, McIntosh, Universal Audio, Black Lion Audio, TC Electronic, Glyph storage and best in class D/A conversion.